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At Lifeart, we make every attempt to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of care and attention to their special needs. Each individual is unique and our process ensures that we address your concerns fully as we work through the process together.

Silicone prostheses offer numerous benefits. Prostheses can restore function, improve prehension and grip, offer protection for the residual finger or hand and restore cosmetic appearance.

Our prostheses are washable, do not burn or stain, do not change shape or colour over time and can usually be repaired, if damaged. The average life span of a prosthesis is 3 years depending on use. Every case is unique and requires individual care and attention. In most cases someone with a finger amputation having a residual finger length of at least 1.5 cm. can have a prosthesis made.

Our process begins with an initial casting of the affected area. Once that cast has set, a wax sculpture is utilized for a trial fit and the prosthesis is made. Colour matching is conducted with the patient in attendance and a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic colouration is used. Custom acrylic or silicone fingernails are available.

So why choose a silicone prosthesis from Lifeart? Lifeart provides the only custom silicone prosthetic service in Winnipeg. Our prosthetics are custom-made for each patient.

Body prostheses can also be customized for numerous injuries including fingers, partial hand, toes, buttock, forearm, calf, breast and nipple. And tattoos can be added!

Cost is always a concern, and at Lifeart we pride ourselves in providing excellent, high quality service at a reasonable cost. These costs may be fully or partially covered by your insurance. To help you find out more, we have included several links on our site to the most popular insurance programs in Manitoba.