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Stop Asking Me How I Injured My Hand

     Someone suffering a traumatic hand injury with finger amputation faces many challenges. The recovery may be long, painful and difficult. What can make it even more difficult is when concerned friends and even strangers constantly ask for the details surrounding the injury. Not only does this force the injured person to relive the accident but it draws unwanted attention. All that attention can have negative psychological effects and often people with hand injuries feel compelled to hide their hand from prying eyes, in a pocket or under a bulky bandage. Hiding the hand affects function and prolongs the recovery process.

Wearing a custom finger prosthesis can help. A prosthesis that fits well, is colour matched and restores the anatomy allows the wearer to blend into the crowd. People usually notice when a body part is missing or when function and natural movements are impaired. A finger prosthesis can restore both the appearance of the hand and the normal function.