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What makes a good prosthesis ?

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What makes a good prosthesis?

Well, I think the most important factor is how the prosthesis makes the wearer feel. Does the prosthesis fit well and look good? What does look good really mean? To me, it means does the prosthesis look natural; does it blend in with the body in a natural way? People tend to notice an absence or hole in the body contour. Does the prosthesis fill the gap so the body contour is smooth? How does the wearer move while wearing their prosthesis? Are they moving in a fluid way or are they contorting the body unnaturally. Does the prosthesis help the wearer perform functions closer to their pre-injury way of functioning? Whether the colour of the prosthesis matches the skin tone or has a bold design, it should look like it belongs to the wearer and whether obvious or not, it should reflect the wearers’ personality. These are all things for a Prosthetist or Anaplastologist to strive for when creating a prosthesis for someone. Working together with a client to design and fit the best possible prosthesis gives me so much enjoyment and satisfaction. I really do have one of the best jobs in the world!!! ~Wendy